Meagan Porter and John Todd are progressing the Pyrotron towards research-ready in 2022.

What is Pyrotron?
The Pyrotron is a new research facility that has multiple research applications from fire ecology and bushfire management to environmental and public health. It is an exciting project as researchers, Meagan Porter and John Todd can begin to frame and discuss projects and opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaborations. 

The Flammability Lab is fire ready, and researchers are currently designing the infrastructure that supports the lab’s instrumentation and monitoring equipment. 2 x 3m adjustable height burn table has been designed to be flexible, with the capacity to accommodate a range of burn sizes and types.

The Pyrotron’s current scope includes the capacity to investigate the ignition and burn characteristics of different types of biomass using.

  • Time-series, high-resolution measurement of the rate of combustion.
  • High-resolution data logging of burn temperature.
  • Constant video surveillance of fire behaviour.
  • Flame height monitoring.
  • Future capacity to analyse smoke CO2, CO and particulate material.

Researchers suggest watching this space in the next few months. They will develop the Flammability Lab’s testing capabilities and they invite anyone with projects in mind to reach out during this time.

For combustion and environmental health enthusiasts,

“We are concurrently working on the installation of the calorimeter room and associated analytical infrastructure. This space includes a wood-heater testing chamber with a dilution tunnel for simultaneous and detailed analysis of combustion and emissions. We envisage this space to be at the testing stage by mid-year and will provide an update as this develops.

We look forward to working in partnership with the broader fire science community.”