Public Guest Seminar on Wildfires in Israel

Professor Noam Levin ( Professor of Geography, Hebrew University of Jerusalem) will be presenting this guest seminar.

Abstract: Wildfires have been shaping Mediterranean ecosystems for millennia, however, in recent decades their occurrence and impacts have increased in Israel. While almost all wildfires in Israel are related to human activities, changes in fuel availability and climate have important effects on wildfires. Wildfires are expected to increase in Mediterranean landscapes as a result of climate change and changes in land-use practices. In my talk I examine the climatological and human drivers of wildfires in Israel. I will also discuss the limitations and advantages of remote sensing for monitoring fires in Israel, and for understanding their drivers.

Date: April 14, 2022 – 1 PM

Location: Life Sciences Lecture Theatre 1, Sandy Bay

Zoom link:

Noam Levin is a Professor at the Department of Geography at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and head of the Remote Sensing Lab. Prof. Noam Levin studies geographical and environmental patterns and processes of land cover changes in the face of human and climate-induced changes using remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools. In his work, he combines fieldwork, remote sensing of satellite images, spatial analysis of GIS layers, statistical analyses and modelling. Noam’s current research focuses on remote sensing of night lights, conservation planning over spatial scales from local to global, landscape ecology, historical geography and aeolian processes. Noam has a great interest in maps, and in exploring new methods to analyse spatial information, from historical maps, GIS layers, aerial photographs and satellite images.


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