Contact Information


Mitsuhiro Ozaki

PhD Student

University of Tasmania

Mitsuhiro Ozaki is a PhD student at the University of Tasmania (UTAS) and his academic backgrounds are the Master of Information Technology and Master of Applied Science (Environmental Management and Spatial Sciences) in the same university. He researches the bushfires in Australia and he indeed published the article about prediction of bushfire models with his supervisors. Currently he focuses on the atypical terrain fires. His supervisors are Dr. Rebecca Harris (UTAS), Dr. Jagannath Aryal (University of Melbourne), Dr. Peter Love (UTAS) and Dr. Paul Fox-Hughes (BoM).

Mitsuhiro is originally from Japan and used to develop various IT systems such as banking systems and car navigation systems. Since he moved into Tasmania, he has been involved in the development of web base applications as a software developer and a research project for the natural disaster as a geodata scientist. He wishes he makes the best use of his skills and knowledge to contribute the bushfire research.