Contact Information


Mercy Ndalila

PhD Student

School of Natural Sciences
University of Tasmania

Mercy is PhD student at the University of Tasmania. Her PhD research involves a geospatial analysis of fire severity and smoke plume transport and emissions from the 2013 Forcett-Dunalley wildfire that caused the destruction of Dunalley township in SE Tasmania, Southern Australia.

Mercy’s career began when she enrolled to study a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology at the University of Nairobi, Kenya, where she is a native. Her academic credentials made her receive several academic and scholarship awards both locally (in Kenya) and internationally. Consequently, she obtained a Master of Science degree in Conservation Biology at the University of Nairobi. She subsequently worked for the East African Natural History Society as a Programs assistant, a position she held for three years. Her desire for learning led her to study another Masters in highly ranked institutions in a field relevant to ecosystem science: Geo-information Science, at Lund University, Sweden and University of Twente, the Netherlands. As a result, her expertise broadened to include ecosystem and climate modelling; and GIS and Remote Sensing. Mercy’s PhD has further expanded her knowledge base to include fire ecology and pyrogeography.

Mercy has always had a passion for imparting knowledge in an organization/institution that focuses on research. Her 13 years combined experience in biodiversity conservation and research have come in very handy. She is fascinated by using these skills to map forest fires and smoke pollution events in Australia and beyond. She is also a volunteer firefighter with the Lenah Valley Fire Brigade, with an aim of gaining practical skills in fire management and to bring to life the theoretical principles of fire science.