Bureau of Meteorology,
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Dr Paul Fox-Hughes

Research Meteorologist

Bureau of Meteorology, Hobart


Paul Fox-Hughes currently works in research at the Bureau of Meteorology. Paul has spent much of his career as a severe weather meteorologist, forecasting fire weather, thunderstorms, gales and flooding rain. He’s also managed the Bureau’s Hobart forecast centre, acted as National Programme Manager for fire weather, worked in the Operations Centre at the UK Met Office, and as a Research Fellow at the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystem Co-operative Research Centre.

Paul is currently involved in:

development of a new National Fire Danger Rating System for Australia;

the implementation of Bureau’s regional reanalysis;

a weather model-base soil moisture system for fire danger, JASMIN;

projects with the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems CRC investigating regional climate projections for prescribed burning;

a soon-to-start study of the role of particular types of atmospheric troughs in dangerous weather events.