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Dr. Chloe Lucas

Research Fellow

School of Technology, Environments and Design
University of Tasmania


Dr Chloe Lucas is a Research Fellow in Geography and Spatial Sciences at the University of Tasmania. Her research explores the social dimensions of climate change. Chloe’s career has focused on ways to improve communication about climate and environmental issues across all sections of society. With this intent, her PhD examined why climate change has become a publicly and politically polarising issue, investigating the values and experiences underlying unconcern about climate change. Her research identifies pathways to more empathetic and inclusive conversations between publics with different focal concerns.

Chloe grew up in London, where she worked as a researcher and producer of science and environment documentaries for the BBC and other broadcasters. Her film credits include Talking Landscapes, and Better by Design. She moved to Australia in 2002, working as a divemaster on the Great Barrier Reef, before taking a Masters in Natural Resource Management at James Cook University. She has worked as a science and environment communicator for the Reef Co-operative Research Centre, the National Oceans Office, as well as other research centres, universities and and NGOs.