Native Fire: Native American Tribes Leading the way on Fire Management in the USA

At the Fire Centre, we strive to empower local communities to develop solutions and to understand the cultural context of these solutions. In the USA, the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and local tribes are leading the way in this regard. The BIA has been the only federal agency in the USA to substantially increase its use of prescribed burning over the last two decades, and now the Agency has released this educational video encouraging the use of prescribed burning. Indigenous cultures in Australia and the US both have a long history of profound knowledge of the use of landscape fire management, and western societies have much to learn from traditional managers. At the Fire Centre, we are attempting to do this through one of our research projects, though we feel that there are some excellent opportunities for international collaboration, of which there are already some great examples.

Watch the video above or at the Bureau of Indian Affairs website.

Cover Photo: Bureau of Land Management — Oregon and Washington


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