Facing our future of fire

As Australia struggles to contain today’s ‘unprecedented’ bushfires, how can we start to prepare for tomorrow?

Guest: David Bowman, Professor of Pyrogeography and Fire Science, The University of Tasmania

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Broadcast in ABC Saturday Extra on November 23rd, 2019.


1 thought on “Facing our future of fire

  1. Hi David,

    I agree with your thoughts on changing summer school holidays to a better time of year. My first thought as I woke to terrible news of fires around New Year’s Day was ‘what a dreadful shame there are so many families and holiday makers at the scene’.

    As a primary school teacher I would propose that an extra week gets tacked onto autumn and spring breaks (currently 2 weeks) and then a 4 week winter July break. Xmas would then just be a short break in-line with North America and Europe.

    The benefits would be more than just a sensible adaptation to the new normal re climate change but also that:

    Students would not succumb to Summer Reading Slump, children would have more chance of an active lifestyle in non extreme holiday weather and lastly, all children would start at 5 years olds (as the new school year start would be late July or early August, thus bringing all Kindergarten kids to school at age of 5 years.)

    So it is a simple solution.

    Having seen a good deal of anxiety from the kids and parents in our school recently due to extreme weather (we suffered a 10 minute mini tornado which caused lots of damage) I feel like we owe it to the next generation to ‘use our noggin’, as my primary teachers used to say…

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