Wildfire disasters locally and globally: learning from global trends to plan for future bushfire in Tasmania — Dr. Crystal A. Kolden

Lecture Theatre 1 -- Rm 106
Life Sciences Building
College Road, Sandy Bay Campus
University of Tasmania
13 Feb 2019

The Fire Centre is proud to present Dr. Crystal A. Kolden, a Pyrogeographer and Associate Professor of Fire Science from the University of Idaho in the US. She is currently a visiting scholar at the Fire Centre. This will be a lunchtime seminar.

Here’s a recording of the seminar for those of you who missed it:


2018-2019 is already a banner year for wildfire in Tasmania, with impacts second only to 1967, and the potential for disaster is ongoing. For Tasmanians, the reality of extreme bushfire activity raises concerns about what to do next and how. Many countries globally are grappling with the same questions, and fire science can help identify where there are analogs to what is happening in Tasmania and what mitigation strategies are worth pursuing. Climate change will inevitably produce more bushfires under more extreme conditions, and new approaches will be required to avert disaster.