Call for papers: UWA Prescribed Burning Conference 2019

Calling for research papers or case studies to be submitted for a two day conference on prescribed burning at UWA on July 31st and August 1st 2019.

We are hoping to bring together researchers, policy makers and the wider community to discuss the impact and efficacy of current prescribed burning policies and practices. The focus will be on recent research and case studies which can guide optimal policy decisions and foster an informed public debate. A better understanding of current research is fundamental to this debate, something which is clearly highly desirable given the current escalation of bushfire risk with climate change.

The conference is organised around four themes: Indigenous fire practices; the impact of bushfires and prescribed burning on human health and, as a separate theme, on biodiversity; and the effectiveness of prescribed burns in reducing the frequency and intensity of bushfires. We have commitments for keynote addresses from Noongar leader Oral McGuire, and eminent researchers in their fields –Professor Ross Bradstock (University of Wollongong),  Professor David Bowman (University of Tasmania), Associate Professor Fay Johnston (University of Tasmania) and Professor Kingsley Dixon (Curtin University). There is more information on the website for the conference –

We are keen to receive proposals which would fit within any of the four themes in the form of an abstract of no more than 2000 characters (including spaces) and a biographical note of 500 characters (including spaces) before the closing date of Friday 21st June.”

Photo: Sebastien Comte

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