Bushfire Catastrophe: What Now?

This seminar was filmed in Sydney Opera House on Sunday 16th February 2020.

Session 1 Relief & Response.

Session 2 Future Thinking.

Watch the broadcast of the seminar here (link to YouTube).

Session 1: Relief and response. Photo credit: Jaimi Joy
Session 2: Future thinking.
Photo Credit: Jaimi Joy

From relief and recovery to long-term solutions

It’s been a devastating summer, and none of us have been left unaffected. Homes, lives, livelihoods, wildlife and wilderness were lost, the world watched in horror as Australia was consumed by flames, and the cultural impact has been profound. As the scale of the loss and devastation continues to mount, our communities have pulled together, and our politics and policies have been called into question. But the biggest question of all is, what do we do now?  Is this a turning point in our nation’s history?

This free event will bring together community members and experts for a discussion about the way forward. From small community fundraisers, to wildlife recovery, to land management, politics and the economy, what sort of future do we want to rebuild?

The event will consist of two 90 minute sessions, with the first dealing with immediate relief and response, and the second looking at what sorts of longer-term systemic change we need to bring about to ensure that such a catastrophe doesn’t happen on this scale again. You can opt to attend a single session or both.

Presented by the Sydney Opera House. 


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