2022 Mt Nelson Bushfire

A bushfire took off in the Mt Nelson- Dynnyrne area on the 19th February 2022. The fire started when one of the residents in the area tried to clear the vegetation from their house according to TFS chief officer Dermot Barry. “They were using brushcutter, and the metal blade on that had struck a rock and the sparks from that ignited a small fire” he said.

In a short period of time, blaze travelled quickly up the hill. The recent pre-burned area slowed the fire down. While the fire triggered anxiety among residents and travellers, Professor of Pyrogeography and Fire Science,  David Bowman reminded that people who live in the area surrounded by bushland also have a role to play in preventing bushfires.

ABC News: Liz Gwynn

Prof Bowman said “One of the features of Hobart is we live in a beautiful setting but that beautiful setting is very combustible”.


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